Year of the Monkey

by Bath Naps

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Shelly Taylor
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Shelly Taylor So happy this has finally been released after seeing Bath Naps live. Shoegaze-y loops of beauty.
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released October 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Bath Naps Urbana, Illinois

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Track Name: Free Will & Existence
They say what goes around
They say it comes around
While I like the sound of that
I believe It's true

In all your desperate
Ways to feel the movement of your spirit
Your honest intentions help
Directly grasp the truth

To stay in here, in now
I'd tell you if I knew how
Succumbing to what
I feel is love

To wake up
Your birthright
Track Name: All The Time In The World
All along the love you had
Was half as much
As what you'd like to give
Even when a cloud hung low
The light inside
Was always greater than
The darkness of its shadow

Don't stop trying now
You're greater than you were
Don't you know you've got
All the time in the world?
Track Name: A Bright Light Comes
Once on a trip with my father
When he said he'd like to see the ocean
And catch some fish
Went to his boat, to the water
Then he caught the rarest in the ocean
With gold in its mouth

"My son it's yours to hold
With this you'll never be alone
You and I are one"

I saw his lips
They didn't move once
I saw it perfectly, the image he wants
He gave it clearly to me one of his thoughts
Now I must try to get the others

In the distance came a structure
It shined like the heavens
In the shape of a pyramid
Walked through its doors
And with clean feet
I reached up the stairs
in to the highest, sacred room

And there I fell into a state of love
That I cannot describe
At once I knew the truth I heard
That you and I are one

I cut you off
Sorry for all the wait
How can one think they're separate
From that which is inside themself?
I have received countless
Visions and messages
Transmitted to me from light

I surrender to your will
Do with me as you see fit
Track Name: From Akasha
Deeper inside
The inner walls of mind
The doors to which
Are opened to the initiate
Forged between the levels
Fourth and Fifth
The subconscious storehouse

1600's incarnation
In the female form this time around
Expedition on the open sea
A capsized ship took me beneath

I traveled horizontally
Now i go Vertically
Track Name: 40 Watts As Bright As The Sun
February 18th
I woke up in a dream
And I saw no one that I knew
Or so I thought
Middle of the room
When I came to
First man I see
Who are you
He asked the same question
It was more of a
"Who do I think I AM"
He knew just why I came
My candle to His flame

Tears running down my face
When I turn around
Words to contemplate
There were others to my side
And behind
Do you all have your own lives
Responding yes
A feeling of connectedness
They are all of the time

These aspects of myself
Separate in density
Expressing through me
Their own kinds of dreams

To stay and go
Sleeping, dreaming
Come as you are
I'll let you out
It's well to keep a light on

40 watts as bright as the sun
Track Name: A Treasure Caught The Eye
How strange it is to see
Tombstone engravings
Names that I used to be
Precious history
The Earth must be swimming
In who I used to be

My soul
It comes and goes
Through the ages
Right here, right now
With intention to learn
And grow
And Light a candle

Before I entered this life
Existing as light
A treasure caught the eye
Marking this time
What a beautiful moment to be alive!
I was meant to be here now
Track Name: Perception
Late at night you call to me
With still desire
All of Self aligning to receive the OM
You know and recognize
You're home
See my face in everyone you meet
As your own
Lose the little part of self
The small ego
Search and find the light inside
Between the brows
You see that I am Always with you
And everyone
And everything

"There is no place
Within or without
That I do not perceive
The window is here for you to see
You already have the key"

You hold this sound
Wherever you go
I hear this sound
Wherever I go
Track Name: Beyond Your Body
That moment
It felt so real, authentic
Wind blown, Weightless
The sun, I felt it
A step turned to
Quite the distance to traverse
Street lights turned
To stepping stones

Where do you go when
You lay head down at night
Before you're back in the morning
Where have you been

Each leap gained speed
And momentum
In one more jump
I'd be from the form of
An earth-bound cage
Holding me down
The ground stayed beneath
And painted me as sky

Where do you go when
You lay your head down at night
Before you're back in the morning
Where have you been

Now you're back into a body
Back with an image
It would be unwise
To dismiss it

Where do you go every night
What did you learn
You know you're more than a head
Seeing behind covered eyes
So much more

What you see in your dream
And how you feel means
That you leave
Beyond your body
Track Name: Aquarian Prophecy
Aquarius comes now
Only to return again
Spoken by lips countless
This cycles mantra

Recognizing power
In genetic keys
Breathing in the same air
Past Aquarians breathed